Every strand of hair, every stitch of fabric tells a story. Ours began with a single vision - to blend the art of barbering with sustainable fashion design. LAURIS BRIMMERS is not just a brand, but a legacy carved out of passion. As a self-made, local establishment, every snip and design echo the diligence and precision of our managing director, barber, and designer, Lauris Brimmers.

Dive into a world where every cut is an experience and every garment, a testament to slow, sustainable fashion.


The Evolution of a Craft:


Arrival in Ireland

Lauris Brimmers, originally from Latvia, arrives in Ireland with a passion for design and creation but starts his journey in barbering.

2004 - 2012

Apprenticeship and Growth as a Barber

Lauris works in various jobs before apprenticing as a hairdresser and then as a barber, learning precise techniques and refining his craft.

2012 - 2018

Transition to Fashion Design

Moved to Dublin and took a part-time course in fashion design at the Dublin Institute of Design for two years, followed by another part-time course at the Grafton Academy, pursuing his dream of becoming a fashion designer.

2018 - 2019

Opening the Barber Shop

Lauris opens a luxurious barber shop in Reads of Parliament Street, Dublin’s oldest shop, emphasizing essential masculine maintenance in a relaxing environment.

2020 - 2021

Launch of Menswear Collection

With inspiration from architecture and his unique vision, Lauris Brimmers debuts his first menswear collection, blending utility with a sophisticated, modern look. Handmade in Ireland from quality, sustainable materials.

The vision of Lauris Brimmers

Our vision is to establish Lauris Brimmers Designs as a synonym for quality and innovation in the menswear industry. Striving to provide distinctive, handcrafted garments that reflect the personal creativity and craft of their creator, we aim to connect with people who value individuality, attention to detail, and sustainability.


Precision in every detail

Every piece in Lauris Brimmers' collection reflects meticulous attention to detail. Whether it's the signature 3D pockets or the careful choice of sustainable materials, our commitment to craftsmanship ensures a perfect fit and unique style that resonates with modern sensibility.


Every piece reflects a meticulous attention to detail and quality, akin to made-to-measure tailoring, ensuring a perfect fit and unique style.


Driven by Lauris's main inspiration in architecture, we strive to create unique designs that stand out, avoiding common trends and focusing on individual expression.


We commit to using natural, sustainable materials and local manufacturing practices. Our designs are not just fashionable but also responsible, reflecting our respect for the environment.

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